La Si Dah | CD + Digital Download

La Si Dah | CD + Digital Download

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Cas Haley’s third studio album, La Si Dah, was his most personal yet, featuring a wide range of styles and sounds, all unified by Cas’s amazing voice and musicianship. Recorded with consultation from Grammy-winner Rob Fraboni, the sessions focused on live takes, room sound, and avoiding modern fixing techniques like Autotune and ProTools editing. It took fans in unexpected directions, including three instrumentals scattered throughout, a cover of a Smiths classic, and some of Cas’s finest songwriting.



1. Jackson
2. La Dah
3. Mama
4. Wait for Me
5. Crazy Good Woman
6. Capricorn
7. Let Her Go
8. I've Got My Mojo Working
9. Trash Day
10. Slow Down
11. How Soon Is Now?
12. Tally Tally
13. Start This Over


Released May 28, 2013