More Music More Family | CD + Digital Download

More Music More Family | CD + Digital Download

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"Cas Haley has produced an eclectic album, 12 songs that run the spectrum of R&B, singer songwriter, rock, hip-hop, blues, gospel and a healthy dose of reggae for six of the songs in the set. He was the runner up in 2007 on America’s Got Talent and since then has released three albums. Now for his fourth album he stays true to his interest in reggae while expanding into other directions." -



1. More Music More Family feat. Mike Love
2. Whole feat. Tubby Love
3. Before It's Too Late
4. Hold Me
5. Man Inside
6. Will You Be Ready
7. Hold Up My Heart feat. Trevor Hall
8. I Got You
9. Big Hope
10. Ryan's Prayer
11. We Learn
12. Set Forth In Motion


Released November 6, 2015